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Thank you for being with us when we were Excel System we are now ‘Blactail’, your technology partner.

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Custom Software Development for HEALTH CARE

The most powerful software for doctors to manage all aspects of their clinics.

All device. No string attached.

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Flexibility & Scalability

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A great Way to seamlessly manage all aspects of your clinic.
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Blactail is a seamless ecosystem that intelligently drives your healthcare operations. Our evolving intelligent Healthcare Service Experience is the most advanced and integrated end-to-end platform in the healthcare industry. As an integrated and efficient healthcare ecosystem, we are expanding to the Middle East, spreading our wings and revolutionizing the healthcare system.


What We Offer

We develop healthcare software that automates processes such as patient and laboratory management, test result analysis, and data collection.


End-to-end integrated Outpatient, Inpatient, Electronic Health Record, Pharmacy, Lab, Purchase Stock, Asset Management solution for single and multichain health care centers

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy Management handles purchase returns, sales, sales return, stock management, supplier payments, and accounting

Medical Billing

 Our medical billing software module which will take care of all your needs. You can customize your treatment catalogue along with cost of service. You get facility to raise bill against treatments/services provided along with the ability to register full payment or partial payments. You can even customize your branding on bills and receipts.

LIMS (Lab)

Empowering laboratories handling lab lifecycle with automation, approval process, drive smarter decision making with insight-led and improved compliance with TAT report.

Your User

The first step in any digital transformation is to research and organize the right course of action. That includes creating the team and gaining a clear understanding of the client’s needs and the strategy to be used.


File Sharing

Total Design

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What Our Clients Say

Blactail helped me to become more organised. its 100% efficient software and it is a comprehensive solution to meet all my needs.

Dr. Vasundhra

i bough blactail after comparing most of the software out in the market and it exceeded my expectations

 Dr. Shelly, 


Blactail is first software i used for my wellness center its nice and simple , i can definitely recommend to others

Shyam Ajgaonkar,

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The most powerful software for doctors to manage all aspects of their clinics.

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A team that aims to break all the taboos of mental health with corporate wellness programs.